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Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18

Suitable helper = The Helpmeet

Husbands will not become all that God designed them to become without the support, assistance, and encouragement of their wives. This class will teach women to use their God given influence to get the type of marriage they desire.

This class is for women who want to be married, women who want to learn about their roles in marriage and for women who need a new perspective on marriage.

The enemy will go to great lengths to destroy marriage and families. He will use whatever past hurt, trauma, negative feelings that we have to keep us from having fulfilling relationships even when we desperately want them. Sometimes we unwittingly become pawns in his quest to destroy us and everything around us. A happy, healthy, God centered marriage is the enemy’s biggest threat so he will do everything possible to break up the family unit.

The question is, have you left a door open for the enemy to penetrate your relationship?

This class will explore potential threats to marriage and identify ways to shut to door on the enemy once and for all so you may have your happily ever after.

Adam, where are you? That is the question longing in the heart of a wife who yearns to have her husband lead his family towards success. This is the voice of wives everywhere who are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and taken for granted while hoping that their husbands will step up and become better life partners. This class encourages men to step into their God given roles in order to keep the family unit intact. 

Marriage was God’s idea and God’s design. So it is illogical to think that we can have a mutually fulfilling marriage without God as the foundation on which we build. No need to struggle unnecessarily in an unhappy marriage. Learn how to  partner with God to save your relationship.

What trouble is your marriage or relationship experiencing?


Are there issues related to infidelity, disrespect, finances, health, children, career, sex or communication?

No matter what stage that your relationship is in and no matter what trouble your relationship has experienced, there is help and hope available.

Listen to this message on troubled relationships and what you can do about it.

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