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Audience Reviews:

"You are one of the most engaging speakers that I've ever seen in person. Thank you!"-Lindsay D. 

 "Instrumental advice on critical issues about marriage" Regina A.


"Relatable, fun and full of great information presented in a way that makes me rethink some things to spice things up a bit"-Wendi Z.


 "Helpful! Pertinent! Engaging!"-Lisa E.


"Eye opening"-Zondranika C.

" The series was Awesome and Im glad that there is something like this available"-L.L.


"The whole series was great and very positive!"-Anonymous

"The class was a great learning experience"-Anonymous



Most Popular Speaking Topics:

*Becoming Your Husband's Mistress: A Tactical Approach for Wives Seeking to Transform their Marriage 


*This is WAR: How to Successfully Fight the Enemy to Save Your Marriage 

*Mrs 31: Relationship Strategies from Proverbs 31 for Wives Seeking to Transform & Revitalize Their Marriage


*Overcoming Conflict and Communication Issues in Your Relationship

*Time to Prep-A Marriage Preparation session  


***Other Topics can be tailored to fit your group's individual needs




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